Pharmacy Bags and Packaging

Healthcare Packaging Solutions for Pharmacies

With a variety of Pharmacy Bags available, LK Packaging is able to assist pharmacies and healthcare providers in complying with mandatory standards and guidelines. Healthcare Packaging is able to provide outstanding protection, convenience, and economy for storing, displaying, and shipping all types of pharmacy products.
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  • Securely transfer specimens in hospitals and pharmacies.

  • Available in variety of sizes, colors, and printed messages.

  • Instructions printed in English and Spanish.

  • Removable biohazard symbol bags available.

  • Leak-resistant seal and tamper-evident bags available.

  • Convenient zipper closure.

  • Convenient, easy-to-use seal top closure.

  • Meet USP 800 compliance.

  • Printed with "Caution: Hazardous Drugs" message in black.

  • Designed for transportation and clear identification.

  • Available in four sizes.

  • Packaged in inner packs of 100 bags for convenience and to prevent waste.

  • Properly secure pharmaceuticals and potentially harmful substances.

  • Meets standards for child-resistant packaging.

  • Pre-opened for efficient and easy filling.

  • Tamper-evident and resealable zipper closure.

  • Suited for safe storage and transport of medicinal products.

  • Custom options available.

  • LK Packaging offers a variety of different Pharmacy Bags.

  • Tamper-evident packaging available for transportation.

  • Clear Reclosable Bags are bar coded for easy identification.

  • White Pharmacy Bags available to guard patient privacy.

  • Poly Mailers available for easy delivery and shipping.