Grilling Bags Heat Up Supermarket Perimeter Sales

Supermarkets can grow perimeter sales with the Ready. Chef. Go!® Grilling and Oven Bags. Consumers can’t resist the fresh-packed ingredients and the convenience of a no-mess solution to grilling because the meal cooks in the bag.

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Convenient option for fresh retail sales.

Ready. Chef. Go!® Grilling and Oven Bags are part of a new generation of ready-to-cook packaging designed to cook delicious, convenient, and healthy meals in an oven or on a barbecue without the mess, odor, and clean up.
These bags feature an aluminum bottom with non-stick inner liner and are the perfect choice for a backyard cookout, camping, or for use in a conventional oven. Consumers love these bags because they eliminate the need to flip food on the grill and eliminate annoying grill flare-ups that necessitate constant monitoring.

  • A clear window, foil backing and non-stick siliconized paper layer
  • Adhesive seal bag for convenience and to lock in flavor and juices
  • Can be used in a conventional oven or on a barbecue
  • Packed 250 bags/case

Ready. Chef. Go! Grilling and Oven Bag Features

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Ready. Chef. Go! Grilling and Oven Bag Benefits

- The mess stays in the bag; no need to scrape the barbecue after use
- Cooks food evenly without having to flip on the barbecue
- Prevents foods from drying out or burning while cooking 
- Bags are self-venting; no need to pierce holes

Ready. Chef. Go!® Grilling and Oven Bags are a fantastic way for supermarkets and other retailers to package fresh meals in an easy-to-cook grilling bag. Retail packs are also available for consumers to package their own meals at home for delicious and simple meal solutions.

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Also Available in a Retail Pack!